Program 1 - On Board

Inclusive economy, boost economic development, local entrepreneurship and decent work

This program responds to the Slow Fashion ethics and economic development with a gender equality approach. It is mainly addressed to women, however men are not excluded.

An inclusive economy is the one in which the whole system grows and improves opportunities for all. Everyone benefits in a more dynamic, creative and open economy.

We are aware that, for many years, women have faced inequalities in many areas, among them economy. Admitting this situation, our foundation assumes the responsibility of promoting equality of opportunities and encourage female empowerment so that they can enjoy their rights and freedom without any discrimination or exclusion.

Gender equality is a fundamental right. 

“El desperto de los femenino” (Awaken of feminity), design for inclusion. 


· There are significants social and cultural characteristics related to economic development

· It is necessary to understand that the concept of gender is not only about women, but it’s also about the relationship between men and women.

· We understand that male-female relationship are influenced by other factors like social differentiation, such as social class, age and ethnic group.

· Work opportunities are generated through economic development and local consumption.

Program 2 - Voice

Promote together Slow Fashion, Fair Trade and Female Empowerment

This program respects the following organization’s objectives: be a voice for slow fashion, be advocates for fair trade and promote affirmative actions that empower women’s participation in society, fashion with an emphasis in gender.

We want to inspire consumers to take an active role in reducing the environmental and social impact of their clothing. Through our consumer programs we educate, inspire and empower people to make better decisions about purchase, care and get ride of their clothes.

We organize campaigns, group activities and exhibitions to generate positive habits thus participating in the Slow Fashion movement and its ethics.

We collaborate with designers in education processes to boost the creation of more sustainable options for consumers.

Until the sun hears your voice.

Your purchase is a vote for the world you want to live in. 


-As a Slow Fashion voice, organize awareness campaigns, group activities and exhibitions for: responsible consumption and management of the women’s image in the world of fashion.

-Be responsible for Fair Trade through the promotion of products that offer consumers assurance that the product respects ethical values.

– Through fashion, conduct campaigns that promote gender equality, reduction of street harassment, family violence.

– Develop workshops of empowerment, non-violent communication and emotional intelligence.

Program 3 - Sustainable Network

As a way to promote and facilitate projects and alliances that collaborate with sustainable development to everyone involved in the fashion industry and in response to the social challenges that this represents, we aim to develop a platform that executes strategies and goes one step further.

A joining of efforts and to broaden the scope of action so that through this program we can also collaborate with the supply chain and thus create a positive change.

We believe in a new paradigm for fashion.

Information makes us more powerful and conscious.


– Expand and strengthen strategic alliances with the private and public sectors as to involve the participation of all and strengthen sustainability in the fashion industry.

– Work with designers, manufacturers in the textile and fashion industry, schools, universities, governments, NGOs, institutions, people and communities, so that through seminars, workshops, research and collaborations we can broaden the reach of the platform that aims to promote sustainability in the fashion industry.

– Advocate for sustainability in the fashion industry, with the basic premise of sustainability standards to strengthen the weaker areas of national and global legislation.

Program 4 - Design for Inclusion

With the aim of promoting social inclusion, etérea’s foundation is committed into boosting the fashion in which we all feel represented.

Create community.

A paradigm in which physical beauty is a result of self-care and love.


– Design for all. Raise awareness about the importance of transforming fashion into an inclusive instrument that does not generate stereotypes that cause frustration, anxiety nor depression, as is the general trend of current fashion.

– Prevent bullying. Create awareness programs about human respect. Generate workshops on social inclusion and gender equality at work, educational and digital environments.

– Healthy marketing. Media is a powerful determining factor of the emotional health of our society. We are committed in encouraging new advertising practices that include diversity of size, ethnicity and age.- Health and care. We consider necessary that fashion transforms into a communication platform that promotes physical beauty as a result of self-care and health. Ecouraging healthy habits in food, sport and emotional resilience.

Program 5 - Environment for Development

Encourage good environmental practices is necessary for sustainability and growth, which is why we maintain the following compromises:

Can you imagine fashion as a platform to create social and environmental consciousness ?

The world we want to live in.

– Encourage the use of recycled materials for the production of crafts and clothing.

– Teaching people about reusing resources and encouraging the innovations that renew existing resources.

– Promote and give visibility to resources created with carbon neutral process.

– Initiate and teach people about products development and designs made with cultural values and enhanced by natural resources, flora and fauna.

– Create campaigns and workshops for environmental education, that boost the good management of trash, recycling and reusing.

– Participate and promote innovation in natural resources, like for example pineapple textiles

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