Etérea was born in 2012 due to a creative call, where fashion and design serve as a means to explore the feminine archetype in its multiple expressions. In addition, etérea is looking to express a lifestyle and perspective of life that can complement new socially responsible paradigms.

I am passionate about dress as a means of expression and how it can represent a woman’s strength and subtleness. I deeply enjoy looking at our customers feel completely empowered, communicating through form, their true beauty.

The brand name was inspired by the Argentine poet Oliveiro Girondo, who in his poem "Espantapájaros" makes ode to an ethereal woman, a woman who has the ability to do her daily chores flying.

To me, etérea represents an archetype, a daily reminder of how I live, what I want to communicate and the impact that I want to create.

Andrea Belén
Founder & Designer


Simple designs stand out, organic materials such as leather, jute, woven fabrics, fresh fabrics and folk nuances in the clothing, bags, footwear and other accessories.

We like to offer comfortable and fresh pieces, ideal for warm climates. Garments completely versatile, adaptable to different conditions and needs, which you can dress both in town and on the beach, in a casual or a sophisticated event.


We believe in a new paradigm of fashion.

For us, sustainability comes from within. We focus on our values, feminine and intuitive qualities to create new standards of human, aesthetic and good use of natural resources.

We are committed to creating a positive social impact, defending human rights, creating growth spaces for our team, for our clients and the society in which we live.

In etérea, we believe in an organic economic growth and development with harmony and respect for the environment. Our main core of work is composed of women committed to collaborate and contribute to an inclusive and more just society.

Every day, we seek that more women raise our voice together and work for the world in which we want to live.

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