Etérea’s Foundation is non-governmental and non-profit organization from where we carry out intervention programs in areas such as social, political, economical, environmental and cultural participation, with the aim of making successful promotion in favor of real and effective equal opportunities through personal and collective empowerment. We create opportunities based on a vision that rely on the 17 United Nations Organization’s sustainable development goals, as followed:










Official logo from the United Nations

1- No poverty
2- Hunger zero
3- Good health and well-beig
4- Quality education
5- Gender equality
6- Clean water and sanitation
7- Affordable and clean energy
8- Decent work and economic growth
9- Industry, innovation and infrastructures
10- Reduced inequalities
11- Sustainable cities and comunities
12- Responsible consumption and production
13- Climate action
14- Life below water
15- Life on earth
16- Peace, justice and strong institutions
17- Partnerships to reach the goals

The United Nations announces that from September 25th 2015, world leaders adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goals has specific target to be achieve in the next 15 years. (United Nations, 2018)

“To reach those goals, everyone needs to play their part: governments, the private sector, civil society and everyone of us” (UN, 2018)

Based on those values and willing to involve everyone, the etérea’s foundation intends to contribute to achieve goals, offer viable and personalized proposals able to give a message that is innovating and constructive for those involved in those initiatives from 3 principles:

1) The Slow Fashion movement promotion
2) Sustainability in humanitarian and social actions
3) Gender equality, social integration and participation

Contribution to each goals

Clean water and sanitation

Goal 6 : Ensure access to water, sustainable management and sanitation for all

Affirmative actions taken to achieve this goal: In etérea’s fundation, we produce respecting environmental standards preventing river and sea’s contamination. We support and encourage those practices.

Production and responsible consumption

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable ways of consuming and producing

Affirmative actions taken to achieve this goal: etérea and its foundation are targeting people willing to buy quality designs in accordance with a social and environmental friendly approach, people who are part of the change and encourage new ways of consuming.

Actions for climate and underwater life

Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Goal 14: Conserve and sustainability use the oceans, seas and marine ressources

Affirmative action taken to achieve this goal: As a part of our commitment to the environment and The Paris Climate Agreement, the brand etérea has created clothes made with plastics collected from the sea.

It uses high quality and natural fabrics producing on a smaller scale versatile and lasting clothes. Etérea is working with recycled plastic fabrics, and more recently we made an ode to the Costa Rican nature, using unique illustration inspired by tropical forest and national fauna.

Together with etérea’s foundation, we encourage and invite the fashion industry to consider a responsible use of clean energies and recycled products.

Thanks to the environmental campaign encouraging the purchase of etérea’s clothes, we promote change and take affirmative actions that are environment friendly.

Promote decent work and economic growth

Goal 8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all

Affirmative action taken to achieve this goal: We are committed in encouraging decent work. As a result, we hire women from all from different organizational areas, respecting socio-economic standards that ensure access to a decent job and cooperate with women from the local economy. Our workshop is made up of 10 women, heads of households in such way that they have financial responsibilities in their family.

Also, we founded the shop ESPACIO formed by 40 local business owners who sell and promote their products.

Reduced inequalities

Goal 10 : Reduce inequalities between nations

Affirmative actions taken to achieve this goal :

-Position Costa Rican as country who produces and creates ethical fashion.

-Work group for affirmative communication, emotional intelligence, women’s lidership, decision making, and design thinking development.

– A significant part of the workers who carry out couture and clothe manufacturing were migrants and lived in a vulnerable social position. The most part of them was working in plants that were closed for a cause of massive importation from foreign products. In the same way, they performed single tasks work, for example, some were only sewing zippers and were never taught other skills. The jobs we offer are made in a way that all workers know how to do any operation.

-We are working as a plateform for new and creative talented young graduates.

-We create clothe designs for integration, which means, designs that suit all types of bodies

-We empower production chains, where producers and small companies work together. For example: leather and handcrafted textile is possible indigenous people work together with new generations, young graduates who studied and learned the ancient techniques to produce raw material.

Gender equality

Goal 5 : Achieve gender equality and empower all women and teenage girls

Affirmative actions to achieve this goal :

-Designs took inspiration from women who were socially vulnerable and victims of harassment.

-Campaign against harassment together with Voces Vitales and a network of restaurants selling healthly food.

-Constant promotion of the Slow Fashion, movement that promote sustainable development in the fashion industry but also ensures protection and respect for women’s identity.

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