Campaign #YoTambiénQuiero

Team Work

In March 2018, we promoted a campaign with the aim of raising national and international awareness on topics such as gender equality, discrimination and sexual harassment. On March 16th, as a part of the YoTambién Quiero campaign, we collaborated with Voces Vitales Costa Rica to mentor young women and teenagers from Hogar Siembra. Those girls are coming from different backgrounds, but all have experienced violent and unsafe conditions of living.

Hogar Siembra is an institution created in 1983 that ensures the full development of women. In the Hogar Siembra centre, young women are studying and taking classes in optimal conditions; they are also provided a refuge and the tools to enter the labor market. Both academic education and life skills are necessary to carry out personal development in an environment full of opportunities, respect and equality.

With Voces Vitales Costa Rica we share the same vision of developing connections between Human Rights organizations and creating spaces that support and empower women.

The mentoring day was full of enthusiasm, active listening, creativity and participation in different activities prepared by both organizations during social educative group works. Also, we discussed empathy, which is the ability to understand someone else’s feeling and the situation in which the person lives without making a judgment nor being hurtful in order to bring help with a sense of solidarity. Those considerations have enable the girls to identify what makes them unique, giving them a dream to follow to build their future.

This working group was a mutually beneficial action. It changed the day of the 25 young women and the partners who participated. This action had a positive impact and contributed to improve communication between organizations, reinforce alliances, raise awareness among the staff and improve interaction between multidisciplinary professionals. For the young ladies from Hogar Siembra, this action was a good way to enhance their own life prospects but also a positive experience for self-improvement and dispute resolution.

For sure, this initiative was soul filling and made us feel so grateful for the opportunities that allow us to grow as a company and as women. For us, fashion is the expression of our voice, an ethereal voice.

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